Travelling Solo : Things to Carry

I will Travel one day to some Place on earth’, this is something everyone would have said at some point in their life. This remains phrase because this gets buried to the bust lifestyle, aspirations we as human beings have. Travel becomes the least important factor as everyone is busy going behind wealth and success. I am not saying that achieving success shouldn’t be your priority. Everyone should have a goal in life but that shouldn’t stop one from experiencing life to the fullest.

One such experience which most people miss in their lifetime is going to a long trip. There can be many reasons why many cannot realize the dream of going to their dream place. The reasons can be money, Family commitments, lack of company etc. One way to make it happen is to shut your mind and go on a solo travel, this way you are not dependent on anyone for anything. Don’t even plan the trip because this should be something memorable which you can cherish all your life. Planned things are never nice especially when you’re going solo.

While planning is not necessary, there some things you need to carry with you to make the travel happen. Here I will make a list of things which I carried during my solo trip and also include the ones which I missed during the trip.


You may be wondering that this is something very basic and there is no need for me to mention this. Well, I learnt a lesson and I wouldn’t want you to go down the same lane. My recommendation is to take a Backpack with padded straps and not a sling type backpack because last time I travelled with a single strap backpack all the packed items fell off which wasn’t a great experience.

Portable Bags

When you visit places you tend to buy things which you would dispose after some time, carrying these things until their disposed is a challenge. That is why I advise you to take a set of plastic bags so that you can use them to carry things until you dispose them. Be environmental friendly folks, do not go with plastic bags, we already owe a lot to Mother Nature.


Yes, as trivial as pillows. Last time I didn’t take my pillow I had a rough night because my body was adjusted to the pillow I was using. I suggest you to go for a Bamboo Pillow because it is very comfortable and portable. Also, it is nature friendly because it is made from shredded Bamboo memory foam.  I suggest you read this article on bamboo pillow reviews. Make sure you protect your sleep by carrying the right pillow, Sleep is very important during travel.

Money Belt

Money, yes you heard it right. Nothing happens without this and you also need to very often during the travel. It should be easily accessible and safe, this is exactly why a money belt should be used. It helps you to easily carry money, also since you tie it around your hip it is accessible and safe.


Your trip may be unplanned but you certainly need to take care of your skin. You never know what weather conditions you will have to face in the place you are travelling to. Carrying a jacket should help you as you can wear it irrespective of the weather, it can protect your skin from both heat and cold making it the best option.


I know that you would wear a shoes out of common sense but I would say that you cannot wear a normal shoe like otherwise. For this travel you should take with you a multi-purpose shoe which is suitable for all terrains. This way you are protected for all types of terrain, remember you trip is un planned and you never what you may run into.

Basic Medical Kit

While you should be very careful during the trip and be aware of your surroundings. That doesn’t mean that you can come without a medical kit. Medical kit is a pre-requisite and you shouldn’t even dream of travelling without one. Carry Band-Aids, Anti septic lotions, Tablets for common illness like Fever, cold, diarrhoea, loose motion etc. If you want to avoid the hassle of choosing what goes into the kit, Go and buy a Travel medical kit.

Phone Charger

Can you imagine a day without your phone, No I am not saying that you cannot stay away from the social world, that is of least importance to me because you are travelling and you wouldn’t need something virtual as social media. But the fact is that a mobile phone is more than just social media apps, it has certain lifesaving apps especially when you are on your own. Now A mobile phone without a charger is like driving a car without fuel, Research says that 70% of people forget their chargers whenever they go for travel. I hope you won’t be included in that 70%


You need all your documents to safe and intact, this is why take a sturdy folder to carry all these documents. There have been instances where people were arrested for not having the documents. I don’t want you to be in such a situation. That too it would be terrible to be in a prison of another country.


I am sure you will carry clothes but many a times we tend to carry unwanted clothes. The biggest mistake one can do is have a heavy bag during travel that too with clothes which aren’t useful. Make a list of clothes to carry which will help you to cover yourself for all types of weather and depending on the number of days carry specific set of clothes.

Snack bars

There can be times when food is scarce due to many reasons. You may be in a remote place or you just may not like the food available in the place. This is exactly why you should carry some snack bars with you so that you can kill your hunger with these snack bars.

This pretty much what you must be carrying to fulfil the basic travel needs, well the list may not be complete because each one of us have different needs but make sure you at least have the above items as their very important for any travel. Hoping that you go for trip and I am sure you will have the time of your life. Should have any questions or would like to include anything to the list above, feel free to shoot them in the comments section.


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